Carrie Underwood Outfit

Carrie Underwood is one of the talented few who can wear cowboy boots with absolutely no shame! And she looks pretty radiant in this down-to-earth pastel look.

Carrie Underwood pairs a sheer faded blue pastel blouse with some cut-off denim shorts. Need a good staple for summer? These shorts are your answer!

Accessories light up Carrie Underwood’s outfit as the shimmer in her long necklace ties in with the metallic accents on her shirt. Nice touch Carrie!

Last but not least, those AMAZING cowboy boots! What girl wouldn’t want legs like hers in boots like those? The black and brown contrast adds a modern flare to this outfit, and overall, Carrie Underwood is the ultimate picture of a cute cowgirl!

Would you sport cowboy boots? Leave a comment below!

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Jennifer Lopez looks glamorous in sequins as she graces the spotlight with style. Of course, Jennifer Lopez (jlo) is known for her sequin ensembles, yet this one stands out as a classy and sophisticated choice.

Pairing a free-flowing beige blouse with a sequin miniskirt, Jennifer Lopez knows how to compliment her figure, drawing attention to her beautiful caramel skin and undertones.

Jennifer Lopez is not afraid to wear A LOT of bling, and this outfit pops with a stunning gold bracelet, stacks of diamond rings, and a layered chain necklace.

To finish off the look, Jennifer Lopez chose a pair of neutral heels flattering her already long and toned legs!

Whether you’re going out to a club, enjoying a night with the girls, or planning a romantic date, this look will transform your idea of glamor and fashion, so why not give it a try?

What do you think of all this bling? Leave a comment below!

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