Have you heard of grandoption

Have you heard of grandoption– Binary Options Trading Broker

What is GrandOption?
GrandOption is one of the best new brokers for binary options trading. It is operated by a reputable and experienced broker that leads the market for the past four years – the same that also runs and operates the award winning 24option trading platform. The only difference betwen GrandOption and 24option is that on the GrandOption platform you can start trading with the minimum deposit of only $100 while on the 24option the minimum deposit is $250.

Binary Trading Education
GrandOption offers excellent support for beginners. You can join their education center completely for free and you will be able to learn everything you need to know about hoe to become a successful binary options trader. They will provide you with lots of material in form of videos, e-books, free webinars and personal support.

GrandOption Deposit
Minimum deposit to start trading is only 100 USD and you can enjoy all the professional trading features and high payouts that this broker offers to all their traders. If you decide to deposit a bit more, you can go for a premium package where you can get better return rates and bonus deals.

GrandOption Bonus
The broker offers attractive bonuses on your deposits and you can even get a ‘risk free trade’. This means that you can make a trade and if it is a successful one you keep the profits and if you loose, the broker will cover your loss.

GrandOption Regulation
GrandOption is a fully regulated EU broker. Its operation and services are monitored by the main regulatory body (CySec) that covers the regulation of CFD, forex and binary options trading platforms. Your trading and your money is safe and secure if you decide to trade with this broker.

GrandOptions Scam
Many people are worried about scam brokers and just to state this clearly – GrandOption is definetly not a scam broker, they are fully regulated and tun by one of the most reputable online brokers for binary options trading.

How to trade binary options?
There are many possibilities and strategies for binary options trading and if you are a beginner you should really go step by step and learn the basics first. The easiest way to start is in fact to join one of the free education centers offered by some of the regulated and safe brokers – for example GrandOption. You can take it from there and if you decide you want to trade you can later fund your account and trade for real.

Where to get more information?
If you are looking for a good binary options trading information you can get some of the real reviews of the other recomended brokers and beginners trading systems on the Real Binary Options Reviews

Have you heard of grandoption


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Video shares Zombie outbreak. When you don’t know, what is coming next. The few survivors, living in the fallout,
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The dead walk – Movie.

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The zombie post-apocalyptic music video is now out on the web,
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While of course rocking along to kickass music….. . In this zombie “musical” humanity
is at the brink of extinction and zombie’s are the only one’s left on earth, which is well……scary. On this adventure through the futuristic zombie period – 2031, you experience an amazing video, an incredible song “What was Yesterday….”, and the chance to be endured in the music of the walking dead…….

New album available worldwide:
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