affordable commercial playground equipment

Commercial playground Jerri for sale; quick ship available.

Wholesale commercial playground come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and types. We can customize

a play system to fit your space and budget. Our playground are both durable and attractive and come

with wood mulch, colored plastic mulch or pour in place ground surfaces. We will install your

playground with the surface of your choice to keep your guests playing for years to come.

Please contact Erin at 888-642-2226 for more information and pricing!

more suprises Ebola Virus in America

What possible reason is there for bringing the ebola virus into the US? Bill is suspicious.
Ebola one of the most horrible killer disease that hit mankind, there is no cure and where are not even sure

how its spread, but it is highly contagious and kills almost every person who contracts it.
The first Ebola victims landed in the USA just this week, what kind of government would allow such a thing,

oh probably the same government that gave military or sell weapons to make some drug cartels, sending

missiles to Islamic terrorists
That is the government that has authorized Ebola to come into this nation. Dr. Margaret Chan director of the

world health organization says we must not give this virus a chance to deliver more surprises into the Obama

administration, a frightening group of extreme left wing radicals who believe the USA needs to be humiliated,

how low will Obama and his minions go?



What questions do you have?

Is Ebola a threat to America in your opinion?

Do you believe Ebola will spread in America?

Have radicals put America at risk?

A smarter social media Port Orange

If you want to grow your business through Facebook marketing, you will very likely have to pay for
advertising. In years past, many pages on Facebook could do all right in terms of driving sales and traffic to websites without using advertising. But now, as more pages become serious Facebook marketers, you’re battling for diminishing space in your audience’s News Feeds. Demand for impressions, views and clicks is higher thanever, while the supply of News Feed space has not grown to keep up.

So while Facebook is free if you want to chat with friends and look at cat memes, if you are using Facebook

as a tool to grow your business, advertising needs to be part of the plan. Social Media Consulting CFL is a

Port Orange based marketing agency focusing on increasing brand awareness, leads and customers for its

customers, local businesses, through online marketing and social media marketing.
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