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have you considered using love spells

The below love spell when chanted 3 12 times from the first Friday of any month and then to be continued for all 11 consecutive Fridays would give wonderful results.

Keeping a cauldron with melted wax, keep add a drop of vinegar while you perform this chant facing he rays of the moon. Once you finish chanting the below said spell, cover the cauldron and keep the same away from the eyes of the others, next to be opened only on next Friday.

Oh powers of nature here my plea
Oh listen to this poor soul cry
Oh powers of nature here my plea
When this innocent and ardent body cries in despair
Looking for a support to lean to
Of goddess of love protect mine
From the eyes of the enemies who surround this poor soul
Oh powers of nature here my plea
Come to my support
Oh come to thee….