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unbox the machine iZettle review

Full details here > Mobile chip and PIN readers offer a new way for businesses in the UK and Europe to take payments. They work with an app on your smartphone or tablet and payment is made immediately. Izettle offer mobile card readers for businesses and individuals. They released a chip and sign reader in 2012 and in Feb 2013 they released a chip and PIN machine.

In this review I unbox the machine. It comes in a sturdy box with plenty of foam to prevent damage in transit. It also comes with clear instructions for how to connect the card reader to your mobile device by Bluetooth and a USB cable for charging.

I look at the app which I have downloaded to my Android phone. There is a payment screen where you put in a product description and the total with optional photo and you can access your account through the app. You can review daily or monthly reports and if you have any questions there is an FAQ section and you can email iZettle direct from the app.

I then look at taking a payment. My mobile device is already paired with the card reader. I put the total and description into the card reader. I use ‘test’ and the value of £1 which is the minimum transaction value. Then I put my card into the card reader and put my PIN in to make the payment. I use my Visa debit card. If you are using a card reader which is not chip and PIN for example like the iZettle chip and sign machine you would not be able to process a Visa payment with the card reader, you would need to send a text for authorisation.

In the video I don’t show how you connect the card readers up via video, though I do show that in another video. It is very simple and you get instructions in the box from iZettle. Once that is done it does not need to be done again you just simply hand the card reader to the customer to pay.

iZettle card readers are great for mobile small businesses. You can take payments anywhere you can get a phone signal which is pretty much everywhere. They are also handy for other small businesses because you don’t need to pay any monthly charges other than the transaction fee. There are several card readers on the market, with Payleven having a similar device and PayPal releaseing one this summer, iZettle are certainly one of the market leaders and this device is a very good choice.

For details about other card readers and merchant accounts please visit