Make a plan and set goals to make money

Here is what Sebastian says about the “5 step method”(a translation from swedish to english, so the english is not perfect)
Just like many others. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. And I could not keep my goals.I expected result to come much faster than they did. Which made med feel a little bit like a failure. It seems to be very common to make these kind of mistakes. Many others who are succesful today also expected the results to come much faster than they did.
So the advice here is to not expext the results to come very soon. Set goals that you know that you can hold. As I said it can be pretty tuff to not keep the goals and expectations because it feels like a failure.
For me it took almost six months before I managed to earn my first dollar. I tested a lot of different systems and courses before I found a system that worked. When I finally found something that worked, the results started to drop in after a couple of weeks and after a couple of months things started to go really well.
So the advice here is to find a system that works, stick to it. Make a plan and set goals, work hard and you will probably see the results come as letters in the mailbox. All people make mistakes in the beginning, just learn from them and keep working on the plan that you have set up. Most people do not work as hard as they need to. It is really important to have a goal/plan and stick to it. After the first websites you will see that things will go easier and easier as you learn how to do it.

Bill FitzPatrick creating wealth from the inside

Hi, I’m Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick
How to get rich, really get rich
If you want to be a SELF made rich person
Self made rich — not someone born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth
To get rich, you can’t be AVERAGE
Average is weak – You’ve got to be strong to get rich
Average is soft – You’ve got to be tough to get rich
You’ve got to be ambitious and WANT more to get rich
You’ve got to be willing to DO more to get rich
Here are the scary words WORK HARD
Today, more and more average people can’t get rich.
If you want to get rich and aren’t afraid of those scary words
To get rich, subscribe to this channel — to get rich, listen and learn and apply what you learn
AVERAGE people are too often deaf and dumb they will forever sit around relying on others to get rich —
To get rich, winners take charge
Average is demented thinking that somehow just sitting through college is going to give them a golden ticket to getting rich
Average HERE is pathetically waiting for some co-worker to retire, to be transferred or die so that you can get promoted and get rich
To get richWinners don’t wait –
To get rich, winners take decisive action
Getting rich is working hard —
Getting rich is copying success
Let me tell you how self made RICH people think
RICH thinking has NOTHING — NOTHING to do with race or color — you are in a wheelchair, from Haiti or start with no money
To rich thinkers these are MINOR variables
Rich thinking is this …
OK, I’m the fry cook But, not for long
How do I become the shift supervisor, then the assistant manager
How do I become the general manager?
How do I become the owner?
Then how do I own a CHAIN of restaurants?
Self made people who get rich are confident
To get rich, figure out what needs to be done and do it
To get rich, take decisive action
To get rich, start your own business and be your own boss
To get rich, immediately forget about listening to the drivel of OPINIONATED AVERAGE fools who KNOW NOTHING about real estate —
To get rich, buy 6 properties — love your tenants — pay off the mortgages —
Get rich and create a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever
To get rich, get the promotions.
To get rich, save the money to invest.
To get rich, learn how to invest.
To get rich, kick ass — take names and live a full live of appreciation and respect