do not believe in a recession with Vitel

In my investigation of Vitel and what Dr. Michael Smith, Sr. is offering to his members; I give it a thumbs up.

They are truly changing the way people view Free and the use of products and services one use on a daily bases.

Their model of refer 3 and the’ll pay your cell phone bill up to $125 is unheard of.
This is how they differ; they literally make an online cash payment to your cell phone company, regardless of provider, postpaid or prepaid.

But, they don’t stop there, they will pay for the following per listed referral.

Refer 6 = membership reimbursment
Refer 9 = Cable / TV bill paid
Refer 12 = Internet bill paid
Refer 15 = Electricity bill paid
Refer 25 = a car allowance of $750

Dr. Smith and his team do not believe in a recession. They’ve broken the barrier of lack and focus on helping all members keep money in their pocket by having Vitel to pay their bills.

This is refreshing.
You can view their information at

all in brings opportunities

Empower Network “All In” video by Adam Harding from Team WebTrafficToolkit.

I got “all in” with Empower Network instead of paying the rent!

Things are really taking off for me in Empower Network and a key reason for this was because I got “all in” and committed to this 100%.

I was not sceptical and did not “give it a whirl” or join at the $25 level to “see what happens”.

I watched the uStream videos by David Wood that explained what we needed to do. To get “all in” and focus our minds like a laser and just get traffic. So I did so.

And it worked!

I broke even the next day and it has been onwards and upwards from here on out.

Many people doing their research will wonder in Empower Network is a scam, is Empower Network legit, and does Empower Network Work?

Well, Empower Network works for me!

And as part of my Empower Network Review I am always proud to recommend the products to others.

But that is because it not working was never an option. The thought that this would not work never even crossed my mind. I just rolled up my sleeves, got down to work and made it happen.

I am from London, UK and live in a nice area full of nice woods to go for a walk, coffee shops to hang out in, and just generally relax. I work hard at Empower Network in the UK so I can then have the freedom to chill out and relax in my surrounds, sip tea and read novels!

So not having that freedom was never an option. Empower Network just HAD to work. And it did.

It will be excellent to welcome you onboard my Empower Network team.

I am in the Empower Network Dream Team so I invite all new members to join our Empower Network Dream Team Ning Forum which has much more detailed step by step training than is initially provided in the official Fast Start Guide.

You also have the Empower Network Bonus of me being in your corner. And I am a good person to have on your side!

I know what it is like to fail on the internet (I failed for nearly 2 years) and I know what it is like to escape the newbie zone and make things happen.

I want to help make things happen for you as well.

I reveal my exact strategies and recommended advertising sources that make sales. If I find something that works…I just tell you.

I am also emailing my new members a free keyword research tool, a list of keywords, and a list of marketing Facebook Groups to add their blog posts into.

Marketing on the internet and succeeding is not rocket science. You just have to trust and believe in the training that the Empower Network Products provide, and take action and make it happen.

It will be excellent to welcome you onboard my team!

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