Holiday cottages with an indoor pool

Holiday cottages with an indoor pool. Pembrokeshire is at the south west tip of Wales with the sea on 3 sides of the county, and bordered by the counties of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire, and is a very popular destination for holiday-makers in the UK and from overseas. The coastline is renowned for its rugged cliffs, sandy beaches and colourful harbours and is considered very beautiful.
It is the UK’s only coastal National Park, and visitors are able to walk the entire stretch of the coastal path (or small parts of it!) as there is a 186 mile long coastal path right around the coastline. There is lots of wildlife to see on a visit to Pembrokeshire, including seabirds, wetland and estuary birdlife, and the famous Cardigan Bay dolphins which stay in the bay all year round.
There are also lots of sites of historic interest to visit – including the newly renovated Cardigan Castle, Pembroke Castle, and Carew Castle. In the area of the Preseli hills in north Pembrokeshire lie many pre-historic monuments including the burial chamber Pentre Ifan which is considered the finest of its kind in Wales, plus the source of the Bluestones which are known to have been used to construct the famous Stonehenge monument many miles away in England.
Many artisan crafts are made in West Wales, as well as some delightful farmers markets and local food producers, so there are lots of excellent places to eat out on local food, including of course the Cardigan Bay seafoods which are freshly caught and served locally.
There is lots for visiting families to do – including boat trips out to some of the islands such as Skomer and Caldey, dolphin watching trips, sandy beaches with safe swimming in the blue flag clean beaches, inland valleys to explore.
Tourism plays a very large part of the economy in Pembrokeshire so there are attractions to visit too, such as Folly Farm – with its petting zoo, conservation animal programme, many different animals to see, plus the vintage fairground rides and play grounds. Also Oakwood is very popular with lots of high adrenalin rides to go on.
Visitors to Pembrokeshire are often in need of very good self catering holiday accommodation for their stay. One highly rated group of Holiday Cottages Pembrokeshire can be found at Croft Farm and Celtic Cottages. You can find out more by watching this video on Holiday cottages with an indoor pool

Lifestyle RV make travel easy

My wife and I are near retirement and we’ve been shopping for a new 5th wheel trailer. We want to spend the next year or two traveling around the United States and Canada and see the sights. We have a good budget to work with we’re willing to spend the money to get a comfortable and reliable 5th wheel. We’ve narrowed it down to just a couple of trailers and the one that we’ll probably end up getting is the Lifestyle Luxury RV fifth wheel camper. This video we found on YouTube gives an excellent review the Lifestyle RV.
As we found out, if you want to buy a travel trailer or a 5th wheel camper, you have your choice of many different brands. Unless you are deeply entrenched in the industry, it’s kind of difficult to pick out the RV that is going to provide you with the best value and trouble free service. Now, you could just take the tact of hoping that you get what you pay for, but RVs are notorious for requiring lots of service and repair, even a lot of the expensive models. We visited several different RV forums online to hear what owners had to say about the RVs they own. RV owners are generally pretty quick to let people know when they have had problems. We also talked to owners firsthand. That helped eliminate a lot of RVs right away. We also watched a lot of RV videos on YouTube. That’s where I found this one.
It does seem that the Lifestyle is built to a higher standard in terms of engineering and the components and appliances they’ve installed. Actually, we were so impressed with what we saw and heard, we went to a dealership to look at one. We were immediately impressed by the way this thing was built. The quality really showed. But what really did it for us was talking to guy who owned the dealership. His first question to us was how much time did we have? I told him we could spend all day if needed and that’s just about how long we stayed. He knew these vehicles inside and out. He also knew how the completion builds their RVs. By the time we were done, it was no contest. Lifestyle Luxury RVs are not cheap, but it was clear to us that they are in a league of their own in terms of luxury and quality. We are going back to that little dealership in South Fork to buy ours at the end of July.

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